Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Fables for Anarchists!

by Mier ben Label

"In a north west market town there was a large underused public building.  It was referred to as “the joke shop” because it was once an unemployment / benefits office. It adjoined a large parking area which was much needed in that town centre. A community minibus was parked there, available to local groups. This vehicle was surrounded by many “no-parking-clamping-warning” signs, far more than were needed.  They remained in place, threatening people after the minibus had been moved elsewhere but only a small part of the parking area was needed by the employees of the building.  Local anarchists then began gradually to remove the signs.  “Freed spaces” were soon used by shop workers and their customers.  They were so well used that months later the anarchists concerned had nowhere to park in the town centre.

Moral:-  If you do the right thing and others follow do not expect any kind of credit or recognition. 

Selfish motorists then began blocking the entrance to the building to the inconvenience of people whom it employed.  A large army of Police traffic cones then appeared, prohibiting parking over a much larger area than was needed.  A local anarchist then began to gradually dispose of the Police cones, which were soon replaced with others.
But week-end visitors, when the building was closed, followed the example of their unknown benefactor and also dumped the cop-cones. Eventually, the cop-cones only covered the area needed to give access to the building’s employees. A happy truce. 

Moral:- Be satisfied that others have followed your examples, credit should go to the group or community who do the right thing.  One day they may see the value of anarchism and our forms of action."

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