Monday, 17 August 2015

Note on the C.V. of Charlotte Dingle:

CHARLOTTE Dingle,  became editor of Freedom in April 2013 only to sink with the ship when it was abandoned by the crew in April 2014.  The paper was once known as the 'Anarchist Weekly', and below Charlotte proudly displays her achievements.  The newspaper that was once a respected publication on the British left fell into decline this century when Charles Crute, its previous editor, was disposed of.  From then on it became clear under the influence of Donald Rooum and a series of lack lustre editors that the paper was living on borrowed time.  In the end it was left to Charlotte Dingle to terminate Freedom, and thus the paper founded in 1886 by the distinguished radical anarchist Peter Kropotkin, ended its long life in April 2014.

Editor of Freedom Press

Charlotte’s period in office:  April 2013 – May 2014 (1 year 2 months)

 Freedom newspaper was a radical left-wing political journal first published by Kropotkin and others in 1886. It remained in print for a further 125 years before moving online.

 Responsibilities and achievements included:

 * Deciding on lively, relevant content, ensuring that I communicated regularly with community groups and activists concerned with social justice.

 * Writing and editing strong, interesting and fluent articles on a range of topics including news, economics, analysis, literature, philosophy and art.
 * Quickly and accurately sub-editing and proofing articles.
 * Sourcing appropriate and impactful photographs.
 * Laying out the monthly free-sheet in an attractive and readable design.
 * Sending out a timely and informative monthly html email digest.

Charlotte 'Lottie' Dingle
 Green Party Candidate Charlotte Dingle?

      Readers will note that Ms. Dingle above doesn’t describe
      ‘Freedom’ as an 'anarchist newspaper', but rather as a
       ‘radical left-wing political journal’.  Moreover, can this
      be the same Charlotte Dingle, who in the May 2010 local
      elections was known as the 'Charlotte Eleanor Rainger
      Dingle' standing as the Green Party candidate for the
      Ladywell Ward in London?


      Anonymous said...
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      Anonymous said...
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      Elizabeth Baxter Williams said...

      If 'a series of lacklustre editors' market the publications decline, why are you blaming the one who pulled the plug? It just doesn't follow

      Elizabeth Baxter Williams said...

      If 'a series of lacklustre editors' were responsible for the publication's demise, then it follows that the editor that pulled the plug is no more to blame than anyone who came before. So why make a big deal about this one?

      Anonymous said...

      Sloppy journalism indeed, a simple search on Google would have revealed that Ms Dingle lost her council seat in 2010 and is now Internal Communications Co-ordinator for the Green Party.

      Whilst she might be mildly insulted by being mistaken for the incompetent editor of Freedom, I doubt it will do enough damage to her reputation to be worth suing for. :)

      andy meinke said...

      It's good to see you taking a potshot at Charlotte. The Freedom Collective, past and present rather ranks ourselves on how much we get slagged in Northern Voices but we have been concerned that you haven't been giving enough discredit to women in the organisation. Keep up the good work!

      Zyzzyzus floridanus said...

      Some of the indicators are confusing, but it looks like someone called 'Charlotte Eleanor Rainger Dingle,Green Party Candidate,' stood in the Ladywell Ward in the local elections of the 6th, May 2010, and polled 1845 votes. Thus she was not elected onto the Council in that year. ​Hence, any earlier suggestion that someone called 'Charlotte Dingle' might have been a councilor in the Ladywell Ward was wrong, and I apologize for any confusion that might have been caused to anyone when I asked my question. I never wished to suggest that Ms. Dingle was an 'incompetent editor', only that she had been put on board as the ship was sinking, indeed that may well have been the purpose of her appointment. Anyone who wants to read about Charlotte Dingle's predecessors as editors of the anarchist paper Freedom could do worse than read what Chris Draper has researched and written elsewhere on this Blog: his last offering was entitled 'Who Killed Freedom - update 4' was posted on the 3rd, August 2015, and, as I recall in an earlier installment, claims that 'three young men, and one old man' were responsible for the downfall of Freedom. All four of these individuals were named by Mr. Draper, and no-body called 'Charlotte Dingle' was among them.

      Charlotte Dingle said...

      Please take down this article. It is libellous. The alternative is for me to seek legal action against you. I was not a councillor. Thank you.

      Charlotte 'Lottie' Dingle

      Charlotte Dingle said...

      My solicitor is examining the case and requires a response by Monday at the latest.

      Charlotte 'Lottie' Dingle

      Freelance journalist and illustrator

      John (journalist) said...

      Tedious how many anarchists seek redress through bourgeois justice, rather than via comradely discourse.

      Not unreasonable to ask her what aspect of it she feels is libellous, and to offer to redress the matter, with a correction, rather than let the lawyers benefit and delay resolution.

      Charlotte 'Lottie' Dingle said...

      Have you no comments?

      Charlotte 'Lottie' Dingle

      Freelance journalist and illustrator

      Charlotte Dingle said...

      Why do you write blogs full of lies and never answer emails, Mr Bamford??? "Moreover, can this be the same Charlotte Dingle who only a year or so ago was Councillor Dingle for the Ladywell Ward in London?" - LIES.