Thursday, 20 August 2015

Danczuk Digs into Trough!

AT an event at Danczuk's Deli last Autumn which included a book reading from Simon Danczuk's paper-back version of 'Smile for the Camera', I was politely asked to leave by his then wife Karen Danczuk, when I asked the Rochdale MP how much he had been paid by the Daily Mail for its serialisation of his and Matthew Baker's book on Cyril Smith.  Earlier Mr. Danczuk had refused to explain into which literary tradition the book belonged, when I suggested it didn't quite have the clarity of the crystal spirit of the eye witness accounts of someone like George Orwell in 'Down and Out in Paris and London' or 'Homage to Catalonia'.  Indeed, he point blank refused to tell me or the others present how he had done his research or by what methods he conducted his interviews with the victims Cyril Smith.

Of course, we now know that Mr. Danczuk didn't really write most of the book, but that most of it was written by his then aide Matthew Baker. 

Only last week, Simon Danczuk was berating one of his political opponents, Andy Kelly, the Liberal Democrat Councillor for  Milnrow & Newhey, for having what the Councillor called 'a war chest'

Meanwhile yesterday, Rochdale Online reported:
'Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk received £10,000 for an article he "contributed" just five hours of his time too - £2,000 an hour. The payment was received by the Labour MP from the Murdoch owned News Group Newspapers, publisher of the Tory supporting newspaper, The Sun.'

This figure was revealed in the Register of Members’ Interests: 
•24 July 2015, received £10,000 for an article I contributed to. Hours: 5 hrs.
Thus far in 2015, Mr Danczuk has declared earnings of £17,960 from outside interests in addition to his MP salary, which including a recent 10% pay rise is now £74,000.

So far Simon Danczuk's expenses claim for the financial year 2014/15 have not yet been published, but in 2013/14 he claimed a total of £206,908.92.

Overall his media appearance earnings far outstrip those of any other Greater Manchester MP and bring his total for the year to around £35,000, according to parliament’s register of interests.
But Mr Danczuk is still somewhat shy and he told the Manchester Evening News that he was not prepared to comment on exactly what articles the payments related to.
But he said:
'I have raised a number of high-profile issues in recent years and have worked around the media for a long time.  One consequence of this is that I get asked to assist a wide range of publications and broadcast organisations.  I do enjoy media work, particularly writing and radio and it adds to my work as an MP.'
I'll bet he enjoys it and especially the money that goes with it.

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