Monday, 28 April 2014

Paedo Probe Q.C. to speak to ex-Councillor

See Simon Danczuk MP, on left at 2.11, cheerfully applauding unveiling of plaque to Cyril Smith in Oct. 2011

PAUL Flowers, a former Rochdale councillor and now discredited chairman of the Co-op Bank, is to be questioned over what he knew about a file of documents in a hard hitting report written about the Rochdale residential school Knowl View in 1992.   This move follows on from allegations that Cyril Smith and a former Rochdale councillor Harry Wild sexually abused lads at Knowl View in the 1980s and 1990s.

Rochdale MBC has engaged the London based barrister, Andrew Warnoch, to do an independent investigation that will now include an interview with Mr. Flowers who represented Smallbridge and Wardleworth ward on Rochdale council between 1988 and 1992.  There is no suggestion that Mr. Flowers was in any way involved in the abuse.

The whistleblower, Martin Diggan, claims this damning report was was delivered to the council but was later lost or otherwise disappeared.  This weekend a spokesperson for Rochdale MBC has criticised the local MP, Simon Danczuk, saying:
'We don't see why the MP is attempting to discredit this review (by Andrew Warnoch Q.C.).  As will be proven, it is totally independent.  To suggest that this inquiry is a white-wash is ridiculous - this administration is treating these allegations very seriously.' 

Northern Voices has spoken to the Press Office of Rochdale council and been told that Mr. Danczuk M.P. (who was at the blue plaque unveiling for Cyril Smith at Rochdale Town Hall in October 2011) never contacted the Council to exchange information before producing his recent book on Cyril Smith.

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