Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Exaro Report, & the Simon Danzcuk Book on Cyril Smith

Expect major new revelations about child sex abuse in Rochdale around the late paedophile MP Sir Cyril Smith as the police examine 33 boxes of new evidence uncovered from Knowl View Special school.

A report in Exaro News by my colleague Nick Fielding warns that the files now being examined by the police could provide further horrendous disclosures surrounding child sexual abuse in the town. Although the police abandoned an investigation in Cyril Smith they are now investigating complaints of child sexual abuse involving the school committed by other people at the time.

The investigation comes as a new book by Labour MP Simon Danzcuk, the MP for Rochdale will be published this month which will look at Cyril Smith’s career and connections.

Far from going away it looks like that further revelations will show just like the Jimmy Savile affair, Cyril Smith was able to get away with his appalling predatory career without any hindrance or intervention from people who should have known better.

This morning Northern Voices spoke to a spokesperson at the Rochdale Council about the report above from Exaro News, and they said that this was 'a strange story';  adding that if Simon Danzcuk or anyone else had any new information which would impact on the police investigations they ought to inform the police or the Rochdale council.  It is not known if any of the above have been in touch with the police, but it seems that Mr Danzcuk has not yet contacted the council about any new revelations he has on this matter.  We hope however, that Mr. Danzcuk's forthcoming book will provide a breakthrough and new details which will lead to a better understanding of how Cyril Smith's career and his networking of connections, developed in tandem with his other darker passions.

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