Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Rank & File Message to Agency Workers

 ON the 19th March the Chancellor announced, as part of the 2014 budget, that the Self Employed status was to be tweaked so that only the genuinely Self Employed can be Self Employed.  If you can answer YES to ALL of the statements below then you are Self Employed:
 Having been provided with site instruc-tions you provide your services without the need for a high level of supervision
 You do not have to accept work offered to you, and can reject offers of work with-out compromising any future work
 You may send a substitute worker to site to do work in your place
 You provide your own tools, plant and equipment as required
 You decide your own hours of work, in-
cluding whether to start early or finish late in accordance with site opening times and operational requirements
 If a job is not done to a satisfactory stan-dard you will correct any defects without additional pay
 The work you undertake is normally of a temporary nature that can be terminated or cancelled without notice.
 You regularly work for different clients.

The Construction Industry Scheme was brought in for the GENUINELY Self Employed workers in the Construction Industry. The CIS is still here, it hasn't gone away, its for the people who can answer YES to all of the above.

If you gain work through an Intermediately (posh word for agency) then you are an employee and are covered by the Agency Workers Regulations 2010.

As an agency worker you are entitled to a whole host of rights that you were being robbed of before under the CIS.

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