Thursday, 15 August 2013

Eggs for Ed from former homeless man

ED Miliband was attacked for being compliant with the ‘out of touch’ government and had eggs pelted at him by a former homeless man in London.
During his tour of East Street market in Walworth yesterday, the party leader was hit in the head with an egg but laughed off the incident, saying it was a ‘new way to connect with voters’.  He posted on his twitter later in the day:  ‘Thanks to all at East St Market for the warm welcome today. Can recommend it for easy availability of eggs.’

The former homeless man, accused both Labour and the Tories of being ‘on the side of the rich’.

The thrower is thought to be Dean Porter, 38, who was led away by market security guards.  He later said he had egged Miliband because the Labour leader is ‘part of the problem’ in politics.  He said he was homeless for about five year on and off in London and added the issue regarding the homeless is ‘atrocious’.

It is believed the police will take no action against Mr Porter.

Ms Sylvia Wilson
Coordinator: Homes Under Threat (HUT National Network)
01282 604749

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