Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Blacklist Latest Reports

1. Press coverage about police collusion with the blacklist:
2. Councils:
Dundee Council passed a motion against using blacklisting firms on Monday night plus....
3. Crossrail protests about ongoing blacklisting of Frank Morris - including protests in Chicago: 
4. Shrewsbury:
5. Australia
Ark Tribe - threatened with jail for organising a safety meeting on a building site
Bob Carnegie - threatened with jail for organising community support for a building site picket
6. Solidarity with blacklisted environmental activists fighting fracking at Balcombe.
Around 400 environmental activists are on the blacklist - almost certainly with information supplied by undercover police. Many construction workers have info on their files about where they supported environmental campaigns too. It's all one struggle.
This week many of these eco-activists were camped at Balcombe to support the local community campaign against fracking by US energy giant Quadzilla. You probably saw Caroline Lucas MP get arrested on the TV news.
Blacklisted workers and supporters were in attendance to show solidarity - big respect to Jim, Steve, Merrick & Fliss for representing:  End the Frack List
7. This Saturday night - don't forget this benefit social this Saturday 24th August
Saturday at 19:00
Ruskin House in Croydon, United Kingdom 
Blacklist Support Group

The current printed issue of NORTHERN VOICES No.14, is now available for sale - see below. This issue N.V.14 also with an article about Tameside entitled 'Who is in bed with the blacklisters' and an interview with blacklisted electrician George Tapp can still be obtained by writing or contacting the people whose details are below:
Postal subscription: £5 for the next two issues (post included). Cheques made payable to 'Northern Voices' should be sent c/o 52, Todmorden Road, Burnley, Lancashire BB10 4AH.
Tel.: 0161 793 5122.

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