Tuesday, 19 February 2013

NAN Declaration to the Movement

The NAN declaration of December 8th which condemned the infamous attack on me at the Manchester Anarchist bookfair carried out by the organisers backed by the Anarchist  Federation has now 125 signatories.    The latter consist of socialists, anarchists, greens, trade union militants, community activists, Occupy supporters, across the UK and the world.     This declaration which called for an apology from the bookfair organisers and the Anarchist Federation and assurances that there would be no repetition has been met with an abject silence despite several efforts to elicit a response.    This is indicative of something rotten at the heart of the UK anarchist movement which embraces conspiratorial politics at the expense of transparency and accountability.   The Freedom newspaper is now complicit in a cover up by refusing to publish the declaration as a letter having originally agreed to do so.

To paraphrase Emile Zola   I accuse the Anarchist Federation   and the  bookfair organisers  of  bringing the anarchist movement into disrepute and compromising its very integrity by the attacks it has carried out against the NAN and its supporters.

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