Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ex-Director of Economic League & Caprim Gives his Evidence to Parliamentary Select Committee

Stan Hardy - ex-Director General of the Economic League and Director of Caprim Ltd gives the following evidence under oath:

'Blacklisting has operated since the pyramids. There is not a HR professional in the world that does not have a filing cabinet that says "do not employ".  The Services Group (construction) was the largest single item of income for the Economic League - in excess of 20%.  I met Cullum McAlpine in Sir Robert McAlpine's head office and was paid a £10,000 - (partly as a retainer, partly hush money).'

Caprim customers included: 
JCB;  Midland Bank; Barings Bank; AstraZeneca; Monsanto. 

'Caprim Ltd gave info to researchers from members of parliament.  What Caprim Ltd did is still going on today, it just much better resourced.  The Consulting Association operated for 20 years under the radar - it begs the question and suggests that its still going on.  Drivers involved in Tesco / Eddie Stobart dispute right now can't find jobs even with Employment Agencies and saying they are still being blacklisted.  It's still going on today.  The question of morals never came into it.'
Above is a paraphrase of evidence to the Select Committee investigation into blacklisting for full hearing:

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