Saturday, 2 February 2013

Freedom Press Fire-Bombed!

YESTERDAY morning, at about 5.30am the the fire alarm started ringing at Freedom Press, the anarchist Bookshop in Angel Alley, Whitechapel, next door to the Whitechapel Art Gallery.  It was later discovered that a window in the bookshop had been broken and then some kind of inflamable device had been inserted to cause a fire which is reported to have damaged some archive material, copies of back issues of Freedom, and other damage was done when the hose-pipes were used to put out the fire.  It seems that the electric cables may have suffered and there is at present no electricity in the premises.  No one was hurt fortunately, because there are some residential properties nearby. 

It is not known who the perpetrators were.

Unfortunately, it seems Freedom had no contents insurance when the fire occured, because the Freedom Collective had not reinsured the property, when recently the policy expired.  Northern Voices has been asked to put out an appeal for helpers to come to the Freedom Press Bookshop today to help with the clean-up at 1pm.

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Anonymous said...

Have all the half-dozen members of NAN got an alibi?