Thursday, 13 September 2012

Report: Harold Evans' former paper bought by housing trust

Posted by Press Gazette on 10 September 2012 at 07:38:
The Tameside Reporter, the newspaper on which former Times Editor Sir Harold Evans began his career, has been bought by a housing trust, according to reports.

The Northern Voices news blog said the weekly paper, which was launched in 1855, has been bought by the New Charter Housing Trust Ltd.  The paper, owned by Ashton Weekly Newspapers, was reportedly facing closure and had been looking for a buyer since July.
Northern Voices said:
For some years now, New Charter have been diversifying into other areas unrelated to housing provision. In March 2000, Tameside Council transferred all its remaining council housing to New Charter who purchased the homes after a previous transfer, of housing stock, to Ashton Pioneer Homes. The housing company have ambitions ‘to own and manage 30,000 homes by 2020.’
Since acquiring housing stock in Tameside, the company have rapidly expanded its interests beyond the boundary of Tameside by acquiring ‘aksa’ homes (Oldham), ‘Gedling Homes’ (Nottinghamshire) and ‘Threshold’ a charitable organisation that helps the homeless with ‘pathways to independence’. The company also have an interest in ‘New Charter Academy’, a school/sports college, and recently acquired ownership of Tameside Radio.
It added: 'Because of its corporate influence and close links with council, one might also question whether New Charter, is an appropriate and suitable organisation, to run a local newspaper.'

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