Friday, 28 September 2012

Exclusive Press Report from Blacklist Support Group

UNION chiefs are calling on Labour leaders to back them in a £600million case against Britain’s big name construction giants.  The GMB has tabled a motion for this weekend’s Labour Party Conference in the row over alleged illegal “blacklisting” of 3,200 builders.

The workers were shunned by construction firms who used a database to check if they were shop stewards or alleged troublemakers. GMB national officer Justin Bowden said: “We’ll not rest until they get an apology and compensation.” ...

It comes amid growing speculation that construction firms will be forced to compensate workers they avoided.  In 2009, the Information Commissioner revealed 44 firms had forked out to access the database to vet applicants. Those paying to use the service included BALFOUR BEATTY, CARILLION, MOWLEM. Lawyers at GUNEY, CLARK & RYAN believe compo could hit £600million.  They have served notice on MCALPINE in a High Court test case on behalf of 86 builders. Guney partner Sean Curran said: “We believe we have a very strong case. Workers’ careers and family lives were devastated by being put on this blacklist.”

Human rights campaigners have threatened to sue the ICO for failing to contact those on the blacklist.

2. Crossrail blacklisting dispute now in its 2nd week.  / /

3. Victimised & blacklisted scottish electrician Stewart Hume has today been fully reinstated by Balfour Beatty Engineering Services Ltd. 
Well done Stewart - great news!  Well done to everyone involved with the campaign for his reinstatement

4. The Financial Times is currently preparing a blacklisting story - keep an eye out.

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