Thursday, 6 September 2012

Blacklisting is still going on in 2012.

GLASGOW electrician, Stewart Hume, is being victimised because of his trade union activities during the recent BESNA dispute. Stewart was one of the leading UNITE rank and file activists in the country whilst working for Balfour Beatty Engineering Services (BBES) at the Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Training Centre and Ineos Grangemouth Oil Refinery.
In a blatant act of victimisation Stewart was transferred away from Grangemouth during the second Unite ballot for strike action and has now been made 'redundant' at a time when Balfour Beatty are taking on new starters across Scotland and employing agency labour at his previous Grangemouth contract in complete disregard of the construction industry nationally negotiated agreements. He has also watched other operatives on redundancy notice have their notices recinded. Stewart is the ONLY electrician employed by BBES to be made redundant in the entire country. He also appears to be the only person to actually come out of a redundancy appeal meeting with a worse Redundancy Matrix score than what he went in with!
Stewart said:
'I'm disappointed that after 16 years service with the company that they have used my opposition to BESNA against me. I did what was right, the threat of de-skilling our industry was something that I wasn't prepared to stand by and allow to happen due to the fact that my dad, who was a skilled operative, was electrocuted and killed 28 years ago. Accidents can happen to anyone, however my concern was that the industry would be filled with inexperienced operatives making things more dangerous for us all. I'm now extremely concerned that with the recent information regarding Balfour Beatty's involvement with the Consulting Association blacklisting scandal, that my future employment in the industry could be affected as I could be on a present day "Blacklist". If this is the case, companies who are still using such practices should remember that it's not just the individual they are blacklisting, it's their whole family! I have a 21 month old daughter and a partner, who has been totally supportive throughout the whole situation, to look after and provide for.'

The site based managers have admitted to Stewart that they have plenty of work left for him but it's clear Balfour Beatty Human Resources Department want to get rid of him at all costs. The Director of Human Resources at Balfour Beatty Engineering Services is Gerry Harvey - a proven blacklister of trade unionists after being exposed in court, the Westminster parliament and media for his active participation during the Consulting Association scandal.

At the Scottish Affairs Select Committee in Westminster parliament today, Gail Cartmail, UNITE Assistant General Secretary, said that Gerry Harvey has 'form for blacklisting' and she was 'absolutely convinced' that blacklisting was still ongoing and 'spying is the standard operating procedure' at BBES.

Full video footage of the oral evidence (starts at 1hour 50mins)

At a recent demonstration outside BBES headquarters in Glasgow Jim Sheridan MP said:
'It is a long time since the days when trade unions and trade unionists were seen as the enemy within. You don't have to get into blacklisting. You don't have to get into undermining terms and conditions of employment that have been negotiated over the years peacefully. How much profit do they want to make before they stop attacking people at the workplace?'

His closing message to Balfour Beatty was:  'If you're gonna keep blacklisting people - then we're coming after you.'

Eddie Current (leader of the sparks rank & file) has said:
'Its simple. If Balfour Beatty don't reinstate Stewart Hume by 10th September then we'll consider that a declaration of war. Every Balfour Beatty project in the country will be a legitimate target. The only person to blame for this situation is Gerry Harvey. If the company had an ounce of decency, it would be that blacklisting wretch they would be sacking.'


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