Monday, 23 May 2011

Party Time at Stokes Croft Street Fest, Bristol!

IT was Party Time at Stokes Croft Street Fest last Saturday (21.5.2011). And what a party it was too!! The streets of this culturally diverse area were packed with a couple of thousand people enjoying themselves. In the distance the gloriously psychedelic painted Telepathic Heights is now boarded up & so is Tescos which was the subject of recent Police rioting. How could the Community be misjudged so much?

But Today is fun day. Hamilton House the recent venue for the Bristol Anarchist Book Fair is the focal point of the Street Fest. The noon until 6 pm sessions are free and there are plenty of music venues to sample. The evening until dawn session cost £8 in advance which included entrance to all the clubs and music venues from the Lakota, Blue Mountain, Left Bank to many more. I called in at the Smiling Chair Radical Library at 40 Stokes Croft. Its an information point, social centre and free Library. I also popped in the Freeshop at 35 Stokes Croft, where people take what they need in clothes, books and household items.

The Autonomist is the local free anarchist newssheet & is well worth reading. So the party today was the triumphal statement of the community. We are here and we are here to stay!!! Long Live the vibrant community of Stokes Croft!

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