Friday, 27 May 2011

Ban on North East Natterer Cheryl Cole

NOT for the first time has the North of England lost out because of our distinctive accents. Yesterday it was the turn of Cheryl Cole to be dumped from the US X Factor apparently because of her Geordie accent which some Yanks don't seem to understand. Kevin Maguire in the Daily Mirror today let loose with a mouthful of Geordie invective: 'America's loss is our gain if the Yanks are tee lazy te understand wor Cheryl.' Kevin even lashed out at London with 'Tyek the Big Smoke, a city which likes te think of itself as Newcastle without the proper culture, an aal that.'

Recently, the actress Maxine Peake, as the barrister Martha Costello in the TV series Silk, was told to tone down her Northern accent which she resolutely refused to do. Maxine is the daughter of a lorry driver from Bolton and she began her acting career at the Bolton Octagon. In her youth she was in the Young Communist League but now regards herself as a socialist. Ms Peake is now involved in the International Brigade Memorial Trust (IBMT) which keeps alive the memory of those who served on the republican side in the Spanish Civil War but when, soon after the death of the Northern trade unionist Jack Jones, her name was suggested as a patron of the IBMT she was shunned. Londoner Ken Livingstone and the University of London academic Professor Paul Preston are at present the two patrons of the IBMT. In this case it is not clear if it was Maxine Peake's Northern accent that disqualified her from the role or the fact that she no longer considered herself a commie.


mike anderson said...

Brian you should really check your facts before making comments like this.
Jack Jones was the President of the International Brigade Memorial Trust.At the last AGM, October 2010(held in Liverpool), Marlene Sidaway(from Middlesbrough)was elected as President.
Since the Trust was formed a decade ago Ken Livingstone and Paul Preston (from Liverpool) have been the only Patrons.Maxine has therefore not lost out to anyone as she hasn't ever been nominated for a post.
If the Trust were to increase the number of its Patrons I for one would consider Maxine an ideal person, she would be my number one choice if she were willing to accept.
Did you approach Maxine before publishing such nonsense or are you so sexist that you asssume that you can speak for her?
I suggest that you're more concerned about uncovering some non-existant bias in the IBMT towards Northerners than the truth.

bammy said...

Mike, I'm sorry that I got some details wrong about Maxine Peake & the IBMT. Am I a 'sexist'? Well, I'm a Northerner & I suppose I might be regarded thus by a southerner. I still think Southerners are snobs. Mi mum told me that all southerners are snobs! She & mi dad had their honeymoon in Bournmouth & after suffering the extreme snobbery down there she never ever went down South ever again. Perhaps us Northerners tek to much notice of our mothers.