Monday, 16 May 2011

Former GMB union rep wins seat on Tameside Council!

Local government politics in Tameside, is beginning to resemble something out of a farce by the 17th century French playwright, Molière. It grows more hilarious by the day. One instinctively thinks of Molière's character, 'Tartuffe', the irreclaimable hypocrite who exaggeratedly feigns virtue.

As we predicted, in this months local elections, Yvonne Cartey(pictured) the former GMB union representative, easily romped home to win for Labour the Ashton ward of St. Michaels, securing 1,627 votes. In her victory speech a jubilant Ms. Cartey, told her supporters:
"I'd like, to thank everybody for my excellent team, and I`d like to thank the voters of St. Michaels, who have put their faith in me."
Until recently, Ms. Cartey, was the tax-payer funded GMB union representative at Tameside Council. But she recently took voluntary redundancy from Tameside Council and then stood for the council in the St. Michaels Ward. Having abandoned the ship herself, so to speak, and leaving her crew to their own fate, Ms. Cartey, was nevertheless in a defiant mood on election night. In a speech that would have made the charlatan Tartuffe, cringe with embarrassment, she added:
"Cuts are malicious attacks against our people and we are going to fight them every inch of the way."
Though councillor Cartey talks of fighting the cuts, in February, there were no union protestors outside Ashton Town Hall when the leader of the council, Kieran Quinn, announced £35 million cuts this year and the loss of 600 jobs. Indeed, councillor Quinn, told councillors:
"The Trades Unions bring massive expertise, working with them, we have already cut 400 jobs and reduced management by 25%".

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