Sunday, 8 April 2018

Partisan Venue Denied Donation

Cavalier attitude by Manchester Anarchists to trade unionists
by Barry Woodling

I have to inform readers that a resolution requesting a  substantial grant of £1,000 from Unite the Union was not passed at a recent meeting of the Manchester Unite Area Activists in February after issues were raised concerning the events at the Manchester Anarchist Book fair on the 2nd, December 2017.  A meeting requested on the blacklist by Tameside TUC was turned down and 2 anti blacklist campaigners were forcibly ejected from the building. This meeting was hosted by the Partisan Collective who have a duty of care to its users.   

I am still awaiting a reply to my numerous e-mails asking for a proper investigation of the shocking events at that book fair which have studiously been ignored.   It is a serious matter when members of a trade union are denied access to a public event.   I sincerely hope that in the name of natural justice I am least given the courtesy of a reply.


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