Thursday, 5 April 2018


DAVID Alan Snowden, 60, died on Tuesday the 27th, March, in his front room on Kingsland Road,  Castleton in Rochdale, Lancs.  Neighbours who broke-in found him lying on his couch last Thursday after noticing smells. His fire was still switched on which may explain the prevailing smell.  There are no suspicious circumstances relating to his death.

David Snowden, who worked in the stone masonry trade as a polisher, lived alone and had been an enthusiast participating in stock racing and enjoyed tinkering with motor vehicles.  Neighbours say he lived a quiet life since his mum and dad died some years ago..

Police are now appealing to the public to help trace his next-of-kin.  According to neighbours his only recent contact with relatives had been at funerals.  It is thought that he may have family living down South.

Anyone with information about David or his family is asked to contact the Police Coroner’s Office on 0161 856 8497.

Today Thursday it has been reported that a member of David's family has contacted the police.


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