Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Fracking in Lancashire

THOUGHOUT July there have been reports of incidents at the fracking site in Lancashire.  On the 12th, July 2017 there was a story in The Guardian about Ashley Robinson, 22, from Blackpool being hit by a van which immediately left the scene.

A Youtube video posted was immediately after the incident shows the protester, dressed in grey and black, trying to block a white van leaving the Preston New Road drill site.
Following this outrage ensued on social media after the incident, which follows allegations of excessive use of force by police and security officials around the plant.
 A Fylde police spokeswoman confirmed that the video was 'taken at the scene' of the incident. But she also said that the van had taken 'evasive action' to avoid an accident and no injuries were reported.
Ashley Robinson, 22, from Blackpool, said he was the protester in the video.  He said he escaped the collision with just bruising to his lower spine.  He told the Guardian: 'The van sped up as it came towards me. I caught the side of the car and went down.'

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