Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Anti Fracking Action:

 Report from its front line

by Martin S. Gilbert

PLEASE will you actively support the anti-fracking action at Little Plumpton, 
Preston New Road, near Blackpool Lancs. This action began in January this year. I was there recently with friends from our local Green Party.  A hundred or so were present that day from different parts of Britain.  But at night the numbers are much less sometimes. All ages were present.  I chatted with protesters from many political perspectives.  Some wore Anarchist symbols.

Basic organization is impressive.  You arrive at a neat encampment with easy parking, to be welcomed with tea or coffee.  A separate tent is available for the media. The actual protest site is half a mile away, transport no problem if you cannot walk that far.  

Large professional signage shows what we are doing and why. 

All this helped the cheerful atmosphere like a big family gathering. 

Who says that protests cannot be fun?  But this one is a matter that should concern us all.

Hydraulic fracturing or Fracking pollutes fresh water, contaminates ground water and can release methane a powerful green house gas. Toxic chemicals are used to extract  natural gas. 

Storage of that gas could be very dangerous.  So far, two American states have banned Fracking.

Lancashire County Council voted with a big majority to refuse Caudrilla, the company concerned planning permission for that drilling. Westminster over ruled that Council’s decision.  Meaning that Fracking can now take place anywhere: your back garden or ours!! Among the many arrests was a woman who is a member of Lancs County Council. There is no bad feeling between those who plan to get arrested and those who only want to convey our messages to the public legally.  Lancashire Daily T.V. news 2
thoroughly covers this story, giving time to the Police who claim to be neutral, 
Caudrilla and the protesters.   Our active support is needed here.  I have not seen anything as inpirational as this for a long time.

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