Monday, 10 April 2017

Ken Livingstone Hung Out To Dry!

by Barry Woodling
KEN Livingstone has been hung out to dry by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.  It ill behoves Corbyn to criticise Ken since the former has shared a platform with holocaust denials such as Hamas.  Livingstones comments are supported by a plethora of historical evidence from Zionist, German and other sources.

National Socialists and Zionists collaborated because they had similar ideologies re ethnicity and nationhood.  There is considerable evidence adduced by historians to demonstrate that the Hitler government supported Zionist and Jewish emigration to Palestine between 1933 and 1940.  Joachim Prinz a Berlin rabbi who later became head of the American Jewish Congress wrote in his 1933 book  "Wir Juden"  (We are Jews) that the National Socialist Revolution meant "Jewry for the Jews".  Stephen Wise President of the American Jewish congress and the World Jewish congress told a New York rally in June 1930 "I am a Jew. Hitler was right in one thing.  He calls the Jewish people a race. We are a race".  Even the SS was enthusiastic in its support for Zionism in its paper Das Schwarze Korps in May 1935.   Vide Francis Nicosia. The Third Reich and the Palestinian Question. (1985) p54/55.

The centrepiece of German-Zionist collaboration during the Hitler era was the Haavara or Transfer Agreement concluded in 1932 which enabled tens of thousands of German Jews to migrate to Palestine with their wealth. Hitler reviewed the agreement in July and September 1937 and January 1938 and decided to maintain the Haavara Agreement. (W Feildenfeld et alia. The Haavara Transfer Agreement 1932 p32). This was the most far reaching example of collaboration between Hitlers Germany and international Zionism. Hitlers Third Reich did more than any other government during the 1930s to support Jewish development in Palestine.

In conclusion, the Labour Party witch hunt against Livingstone for his comments about Hitler supporting Zionism is totally unwarranted and yet a further example of the political bankruptcy of the Labour Party and a "shameful" capitulation to the Zionist lobby.

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