Sunday, 9 April 2017

Hey! Hey! Stop the War!

  'How Many Kids Have You Killed Today?'

THE 'STOP the War Coalition' was founded in September 2001, after US President George W Bush announced a 'war on terror'.
Now 'Stop the War' has become little more than a tin pot cheer-leader for Bashar Hafez al-Assad of Syria and the former Soviet KGB operative Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin; to become a smelly little orthodoxy with little moral compass.
This week a video of an encounter at a 'Stop the War' protest was shared widely online, in which the Syrian refuge, Mr Hassan Akkad, told the BBC:  'I didn't see them protesting against the chamical weapons, I didn't see them protesting against Putin bombing Syria for the last two years.
'I wanted to go to that protest and I wanted to observe.
'I went to the protest and I saw a group of 30 people with placards, not a single mention of Assad.
'All the placards are against Donald Trump and they're repeating baseless slogans with their megaphones.'

Mr. Hassan Akkad added:
"They [President's Assad's forces] have killed hundreds of thousands, we've lost our home, we were displaced, we were made refugees all because of the Assad regime," he said.
"People were tortured to death, chemical attacks, all sort of attacks barrel bombs shredding children and flattening down entire cities.'
 Hence 'bombing Assad's war machine is in our favour because that means less Syrian civilians will die, less children will die.'
After the 'Stop War' group would not let Mr Akkad speak, he said:
'I felt oppressed, it was like being back in Syria. Like how the Syrian police used to mute our voices.
'I'm not going to be silenced I have the right to say what I believe.
'I left the protest. I was angry, I was livid.'

The BBC contacted 'Stop the War' for a response.  On its Facebook page before the protest, it said:
'The Stop the War Coalition​ condemn​s Donald Trump's decision to launch attacks against Syrian targets.  
'This action will only increase the level of killing in Syria, and inflame the terrible war that has already caused untold misery for the people of the country.'

This kind of moral and intellectual bankrupcy seems to be commonplace now on the British left. They say that they are against 'intervention' but what they really mean is that they are against intervention by the West, and that they are objectively pro-Putin and objectively pro-intervention when comes to Russia and Assad.

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