Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Simon Danczuk's snare of self delusion

by Les May
THE snare of self delusion is one to which we all have a tendency to fall prey, though it is a trait which seems much better developed in some people than in others.  Kept to ourselves it may appear to others merely as misplaced ambition.  Shared too often with others and it may gain us the accolade of ‘bullshitter’.  If you find the term a little indelicate then in my defence I should point out that it has a respectable philosophical pedigree and been the subject of academic study.

These musings were prompted after reading Simon Danczuk’s latest outpourings to the Manchester Evening News and repeated in the Rochdale Observer and Daily Mirror.

According to Simon 'Labour has "no choice" but to accept him back into the party in the new year' and backs it up with 'I’ve met with chief whip Nick Brown and he says there’s no case to answer.'  Big mistake Simon!

Now we don’t know what was actually said at the meeting because we only have Simon’s version to go on.  But I don’t imagine that he has made a friend of Nick Brown by immediately reporting a private conversation to the press.  At best it looks like an attempt to put pressure on the Labour party and put Nick Brown in the position of seeming to be at odds with its decision making process if Danczuk does not get his own way immediately.

He then stands reality on its head by going on to say '… it’s taken so long because I have been a vocal critic of the leadership.'  No Simon!  It’s because of your attacks on Corbyn that you have not been kicked out of the party long ago.  

Confrontation isn’t Corbyn’s style.  When he made an effort to be conciliatory towards Simon and listen to his complaints,  just as after his conversation with Nick Brown, Simon rushed off to tell his story to the press.  The only difference being that as his name was on that article he presumably turned it into a ‘nice little earner’.  

Corbyn is astute enough to know that if he is going to unite the Labour party kicking out a self styled critic will only give credibility to him.  The first time Simon tried to talk up his own importance in October 2015 just after Corbyn was elected, John McDonnell dismissed his threat to launch a leadership challenge, with the words 'That's Simon being Simon.'

Within days of Danczuk being suspended from the Labour party for what he later admitted was ‘inappropriate behaviour’, he was blaming his actions on a ‘drink problem’ and facing a police inquiry regarding a rape allegation.

That didn’t stop him threatening legal action against the party within a fortnight and demanding an explanation for action ‘detrimental to his reputation’.  Who says lawyers don’t have a sense of humour?  

Things didn’t improve for him in February when the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) launched an investigation into a complaint over expenses claimed for having his children stay at his London second home.  Expenses that, in the view of the complainant, he was not entitled to.

Or March when IPSA reported:  'The compliance officer must also conclude that this was done knowing that there was no reasonable prospect of the children staying at the accommodation'.
Simon agreed to repay more than £11,000.

At much the same time came the announcement:  ‘Police confirm they are looking into allegation of fraud over money claimed for children.’

All this still left him time to interfere in the internal politics of Bangladesh.

Simon was just as busy generating adverse publicity in April when The Sun ran a piece with the heading of ‘Expenses cheat Simon Danczuk now using taxpayers’ cash to pay ex-wife Karen to work for him’
Things did not improve in June.  The Sun ran a story with the header 'Shamed Simon Danczuk claimed money for ‘crisis management’ after The Sun exposed his sordid texts to teenage girl https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1352498/shamed-simon-danczuk-claimed-money-for-crisis-management-after-the-sun-exposed-his-sordid-texts-to-teenage-girl/
And the Zelo Street blog claimed to know who get the money for the ‘crisis management’.   http://zelo-street.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/simon-danczuks-consultant-revealed.html
But he did get a richly deserved reward in June when he it was announced that he was to have a building named after him. http://northernvoicesmag.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/more-crappy-behaviour-surrounding.html
In August Simon got lucky, really lucky.  After a family row at their ‘gaffe’ in Spain ex-wife Karen emerged from hospital with some forty stitches in a her upper chest caused by Simon kicking in a glass door, parts or all of which fell on Karen.  Serious though this was, it could have been much worse and possibly fatal, if one of those pieces of glass had severed a blood vessel.  That was his first stroke of luck.
The second was that Karen did not press charges.  If she had he would have emerged from court as a ‘wife beater’ and, thick skinned though he is, even he would have had to resign or be expelled from the Labour party.  His third stroke of luck was that ‘harridan tendency’ in the Labour party, which usually has a lot to say about real and imaginary violence against women, were obviously on holiday that week and could not find time to comment. http://northernvoicesmag.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/danczuks-in-boozy-bust-up.html  https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1623573/karen-puts-injured-chest-under-wraps-as-she-heads-off-to-tell-court-to-free-mp-hubby/

This incident had some remarkable parallels with what had happened between the couple in Spain eight years earlier:

Throughout much of October Danczuk was embroiled in a dispute with the Greater Manchester Police Federation over ill considered remarks he had made over the investigation into claims of sexual abuse at Knowl View special school.

This spilled over into November and raised questions about Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd’s unwillingness either to praise his officers for the investigation of events at Knowl View or condemn Simon Danczuk for his comments.

If you listen to Simon he is full of stories about the support he gets from his local party and his constituents.  But lets face it so that does not count for much.  To judge from things which occasionally pop into my ‘Inbox’ his actual support only extends about as far as Labour Leader Richard Farnell’s remit runs.

Simon’s view seems to be that because the investigation into the rape allegation have been concluded and he has not been charged, his other antics during the past year should be ignored and the Labour party should lift his suspension.  What he conveniently forgets is that there is still the small matter of the Metropolitan Police investigation into whether the claims he made for his children residing with him at his London house constitute fraud.

Like the rest of us he will just have to wait and see.     

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Anonymous said...

I may be wrong In my interpretation of the law,but if I get caught in the act of Theft, but then having been caught offer to pay for the goods that I have stolen, all the charges are dropped! Is that a correct assumption?
No? Why then has this person not been prosecuted for the offences revealed?