Monday, 16 January 2017

Film-maker calls on Danczuk to sleep-outside

SIMON DANCZUK MP  has declined to sleep on the streets after the documentary film-maker, Gary Jay suggested he do so following Danczuk's derogator comments about beggars in Rochdale town centre last week.
A year ago, Gary spent four days filming his experience of living on the streets in Manchester city centre for a documentary called ‘Human Garbage’ during which time he was attacked, spat on and threatened.
The film-maker Mr. Jay was reported in the Manchester Evening News (MEN) as saying:
'I slept with drug addicts, alcoholics, was threatened by the city’s drug dealers with my life and attacked.

'I would like to send out a personal challenge to Mr Danczuk to do exactly the same thing again, with me to see what it is like to beg for food, money to feed yourself, be spat at, be ignored, sleep in doorways, be robbed, be attacked and be preyed on by drug dealers.

'I promised my family I would never do such a thing again, but I can not stand by and watch as a man who demands such high wages comment on people who have little to nothing and not be challenged for his actions as a member of parliament.

'I thought it was disgusting for a person in a position of power to make a comment like that. Now he’s now part of the problem.'
The MEN has contacted Mr Danczuk for a comment, but apparently the MP has not yet responded.

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