Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Methodology of Spanish football in the UK

MANCHESTER's Instituto Cervantes presents this coming Wednesday 7th December, at 6.30pm, the launch of the project ‘Methodology of Spanish football in the UK:  Sports excellence’, by Spanish coach, Ángel López.  The talk, which is free of charge and open to the general public, will “analyse the Spanish methodology and the English football’s current scene, with the aim of finding new ways of collaboration regarding the training of managers, both at professional and lower levels”.

The main goal of this project is to organise conferences and seminars on the Spanish methodology on football at the clubs’ premises, at the English Football Association and also at the Manchester’s Instituto Cervantes.  Moreover, the project intends to offer Spanish classes “with specific football terminology” to all the colleges, academies and clubs interested, and it is aimed both at football players, coaches and managers.  Likewise, there is a view to organise after-school activities about football and summer camps in Spanish for kids and teenagers.

López points out “the remarkable conditions for working in English football, from professional categories to academies”.  However, this goes against “the shortage of native coaches in the Premier League as well as in the best leagues in the world”.  Hence, this project could lead to joining forces with local managers, to foster talent and expertise.  The Spanish coach highlights that “we should not forget that England invented football, therefore it deserves our admiration and respect and always look to contribute and collaborate with them”.  According to López, Manchester is the perfect place to develop this project, as today it is “the nerve centre of world football”, he claims.           
About the author         

Ángel López is a National Football Coach with the Madrid Football Federation and Graduate in Physical activity and Sport Sciences from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.  Furthermore, he holds a Master´s Degree in Physical Training in Football.  He has a wide experience as an Assistant Coach at the Spanish First League with Getafe FC and he has also trained teams at the Romanian Professional Football League and the Asian Champions League.
Among his many merits and achievements, it should be noted out that he was the youngest assistant and fitness coach in the Spanish La Liga in 2014 and 2008, respectively.

More information and bookings:  / 0161 661 4201/12

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