Saturday, 24 December 2016

Carl Faulkner on Rochdale's Council allowances

Carl   Faulkner
CARL Faulkner (pictured) from up Rooley Moor Road in Rochdale, has a letter published in the Rochdale Observer today in which he challenges the generous rises in councilor's allowances that Rochdale politicians of all parties, with the exception of the Liberal Democrat Party, awarded themselves in the Rochdale Town Hall council chamber last week.  Mr. Faulkner is not just jumping on the popular band-wagon of public opinion which clearly opposes the current increase in councilor's allowances because below is the statement he put out when he stood as an Independent in the local Rochdale elections for Spotland & Falinge Ward in 2014:
'If elected, I will be the only councillor who will not take any councillor allowances.
'Two years on from the last local elections, councillors have not cut their own generous income they receive from the council by a single penny, but many local people have lost their jobs because of council cutbacks. What does that tell you?  There are many people throughout the Borough who work extremely hard in a truly voluntary capacity.  They do not expect nor receive financial reward. I believe councillors should be no different and their time should be given freely – or not at all.
I am standing as an Independent because I genuinely believe we need councillors who are not part of the three-ring circus that passes for local democracy. Local issues should be left to local people whose passion is their town and not their chosen, private political organisation.  A councillor is not elected to deal with national issues and any councillors who think they are part of the national political scene are deluding themselves and the people who elect them.  Let our MP concern himself with such matters. That’s what he’s paid for.
'The primary purpose of an elected councillor is to ensure our council acts in the best interests of the people it serves - not in the interests of itself.  Far too often our councillors are too busy promoting the alleged achievements of their chosen party to properly undertake this basic function.
'I will support all who act in the best interests of Spotland and our town regardless of their own party affiliations.
'Party politics has let us down.  It’s time for a true Independent Spotland voice on the council; someone whose mind is not shackled because they have been elected under a party banner of convenience.'

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