Thursday, 24 December 2015

Tameside Closing Swimming Pools?

IN a report on his Blog Carl Simmons, standing as an independent candidate in the Denton constituency of Tameside, argues that legally 'All schools must provide swimming instruction'.

Yet, it seems that all three local swimming pools in Ashton, Dukinfield and Denton are at risk of closure, to be replaced by what Mr. Simmons' calls 'one state of the art swimming pool' yet to be built in Tameside.  More centralization of facilities, more building, more disruption, more demolition of what is already serving the community.  More pomp and glory for the local Labour Party administration.

On his Blog Carl Simmons' lists 35 Tameside schools that now need to use these swimming pools in order to teach pupils to swim competently up to the standard required.  This does not include the 'Little Ducklings', toddler groups, as well as swimming clubs in the Ashton, Dukinfield and Denton areas who if the proposal to shut down the three pools goes ahead, would soon be served only with a single pool.

Mr. Simmons' asks: 
'How will Tameside Council accomodate all these schools and clubs with the necessary swimming lessons?'

Below he urges the people of Tameside to read and sign this petition - calling upon Tameside MBC to rethink their proposals to close Denton, Dukinfield & Ashton Pools - by clicking on the link below:

Or go to his latest article on his blog at:

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