Tuesday, 15 December 2015

My Party 'Left' or 'Right'?

by Les May
IN his 1987 book 'Choose Freedom: Future of Democratic Socialism', the one time Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Roy Hattersley made the point that in the perennial battles between different factions of the party, what it meant to be 'Left Wing' was always defined made the claim to be of that ilk.  By default it meant that anyone who happened to disagree with them was automatically defined as 'Right Wing'.

In recent months we have seen a similar tactic employed by that group of Labour MPs determined to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn who have self defined themselves the 'Moderates' of the Labour Party which of course means that any one else is an 'Extremist'.

Now John Prescott Labour's Deputy Leader from 1994 to 2007, has described this bunch of opportunists as 'Bitterites' determined to continue 'the war that they lost'.

I like it!

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