Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Rochdale Green Backs Blacklist Campaign!

Yet, Councillor Cleavage Supports Zero Hour Contracts!

MARK Hollinrake the Green Party candidate for Rochdale, in a letter in tomorrow's Rochdale Observer, backed the case for an 'ethical approach to employment and the rights of workers' and argued that councils should 'pay their workers a living wage; not using companies which operate a blacklist (where people are not employed due to being involved with a trade union).'  

Mr. Hollinrake in his letter stated:
'An ethical approach to employment and the rights of workers is being put forward by the Green Party as the way forward.'

He went on to claim that the Greens as being 'the only party against austerity and cuts' and in believing 'that fair treatment is the basis of a better politics' and called on 'all parties to agree to promoting a fair campaign both in the local and general elections taking place in May.'

His call follows a series of dirty smears and negative campaigning against his political opponents, issued by the sitting M.P. for Rochdale, Mr.  Simon Danczuk and his political cronies in the Rochdale Labour Party.  Nor has it helped that Mr. Danczuk's wife, at present a Labour councillor in the Kingsway ward, has just gone on record as to defend the practice of zero hours contracts.  Something which at last month's full council meeting the leader of Rochdale M.B.C., Richard Farnell and the local Labour Party denounced.  Perhaps Simon Danczuk will now make his own position clear with regard to 'zero hour hour contracts' and blacklisting by companies awarded building and other contracts by the Rochdale MBC. 

His he in bed with his wife politically as well as literally?

Last year, Danczuk was seen playing footsie with Nigel Farage when the two politicians spent an hour chatting to each other in the Anchor Tap pub near Tower Bridge in London.  Farage drank three pints of Samuel Smith's Old Brewery bitter while Danczuk was on lager during the meeting.  Last year, a mate of mine had a drink in the House of Commons with Danczuk, and watched him get giddily drunk while he talked about making money out of a book on Cyril Smith. 

One hopes now that Simon danczuk will make a principled stand on 'zero hours' and blacklisting.

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Mick said...

Is the MP of the same opinion of zero hours contracts as his current wife?