Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Blacklisting' firms banned from council contracts!

1. Islington Council boot out Kier from housing contract because of blacklisting - well done Cllr Gary Doolan and Chris Clarke for representing:

Cambridge City Council also voted to ban blacklisting firms from contracts last week - well done Cllr Sue Birtles for moving the resolution: 

2. Compensation Scheme:

Only 60 people have even bothered to request a form from the bosses blacklist compensation scheme. Lets hope the number stays low - the wretches are trying to buy people off with a few quid to avoid the public humiliation of a High Court trial and the larger compensation payments that will be imposed when they are found guilty. At present the entire payouts in the compensation scheme are based upon a minor breach of the Data Protection Act. As the High Court trial progresses and seperate Human Rights claims are won, the compensation payments are almost certainly going to increase. Blacklist Support Group suggest that everyone boycotts the bosses scheme and holds tight until proper figures are agreed that genuinely compensate for years of financial hardship, hurt to feelings and human rights violations. Anyone accepting a few pounds now could be seriously selling themselves short. MPs at the Select Committee were scathing about the compensation scheme (see below) 
Most importantly, what the bosses scheme fails to offer are jobs for blacklisted workers. Even if someone accepts a few pounds compensation, if they can never work on a major project in the industry again, then there is no real justice. We want compensation for everyone on the blacklist and a positive action jobs scheme including retraining packages for those struggling to find work. 

3. Select Committee investigation into blacklisting - press coverage:

Full video footage of the blacklist bosses woeful evidence session at the Select Committee:

4. Public Inquiry on blacklisting - press coverage
Cameron says 'NO'

Labour Policy Forum says 'YES'

The Labour Party national policy forum has agreed the following wording on blacklisting:  
“If the current Government will not launch a full inquiry into the disgraceful practice of blacklisting in the construction industry the next Labour Government will. This inquiry will be transparent and public to ensure the truth is set out.”

Blacklist Support Group issued the following statement: 

"The Labour Party pledge to hold a ""transparent and public" inquiry into blacklisting should be applauded by everyone fighting for justice on this human rights conspiracy. 
We have been calling for this for many years - Fair play to them. A big thank you to all those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this happen".

There is still an urgent need to apply pressure on the Labour Party to make sure an unequivocal commitment to a fully independent Leveson style public inquiry on blacklisting appears in the General Election manifesto.  The continued revelations in the media about undercover police officers spying on grieving families of murder victims and peaceful democratic activists make a public inquiry even more important.  

If any group is organising a fringe meeting at TUC or Labour Party conferences in September, Blacklist Support Group would be very happy to supply a speaker if any slots are available. 

5. Government Carr Inquiry into trade union leverage campaigns decides no case to answer 

6. Construction Rank & File national meeting
Saturday 9th August
Conway Hall
Red Lion Square
(Nearest tube: Holborn)
Discussing blacklisting, umbrella scams, JIB pay dispute, deskilling - Good luck to all those in attendance 

7. Blacklisting is a global phenomenon - International Union Rights magazine special edition on blacklisting
Full magazine now available:
Please support the work of ICTUR by ordering copies of their magazine by contacting 

8. Requests from film-makers & journalists
Lucy Parker is a film maker and particularly interested in talking to women on the blacklist or wives / partners of blacklisted building workers:
Drew Natterjack is a journalist looking to talk to people from the Bristol area who were blacklisted:

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