Tuesday, 10 December 2013

In Bury safety will be 'some time in the future'

SINCE the 5th, December when we placed the post 'Bury Council Sends Out Mixed Messages', it seems that the Council has admitted that the position on raised bin lids is unclear as the bin men and their union Unite at Bradley Fold have consistently argued.  In response to a formal grievance by the union representatives Glen Stuart, the manager at Bradley Fold, has now issued the following statement:
'Note that the above message may seem to contradict the message communicated to residents , which is that bin lids should always be fully closed.  This message should be viewed as a control measure designed to minimised the number of raised bin lids encountered.'

Apparently to put matters right Mr. Stuart is now proposing the following remedy:
'In the new year the council will be commencing an intensive promotional  and educational campaign designed to improve recycling and as part of this it intends to move towards the adoption of a closed bin policy at some time in the future.'
After years of arguing over health and safety this is Mr. Stuart's reluctant response to a grievance put by the bin men and their union.  Things will be put right it seems in the New Year 'some time in the future'.

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