Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Daily Mail columnist brands blacklisted workers 'terrorists' and 'gangsters'!

We are publishing below a statement and report from the Blacklist Support Group.

'Ultra right wing' Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn today launched a rabid attack on workers blacklisted from building sites today. In a mud-slinging article, blacklisted building workers are smeared as terrorists and "gangsters". The supposed journalism finishes with a foaming at the mouth tirade of abuse arguing that the victims of blacklisting were in fact:
'responsible for widespread intimidation and extortion on sites across Britain. They had to be banned for the sake of all the decent construction workers trying to make an honest living. And most of them should never be allowed back within a mile of a building site.'

Steve Acheson - blacklisted electrician & chair, Blacklist Support Group said:
"Not a single shred of documentary evidence relating to blacklisting either disclosed in court or to the parliamentary Select Committee investigation identifies any links to terrorism. The main reason for being blacklisted was for raising concerns about safety issues on building sites or complaining about unpaid wages - all perfectly legal and normal trade union activity. 

Every single person on that blacklist has had their human rights violated, many of us suffered years of unemployment and family tensions because of the conspiracy. It is multinational companies with the collusion of the police in this blacklisting conspiracy who have denied decent construction workers an honest living.

It is not a crime to be a member of a trade union but it is a crime to systematically deny people work because of it. The nasty underbelly of the blacklisting firms are now finally being exposed in the High Court and will hopefully face a Public Inquiry.

This is the second time that I have been accused of being a terrorist because of my fight against the blacklist. The last time, a High Court judge threw out the company's claims saying they were "fanciful bordering on paranoia". 

Dave Smith - blacklisted engineer & secretary, Blacklist Support Group said
'I was blacklisted because I raised concerns about asbestos and overflowing toilets. 
If I ask for a safe building site is that extortion? 
If I take on the role of a union safety rep does that make me a gangster? 

There certainly are gangsters in the building industry who intimidate honest workers. They're the fat cats wearing expensive suits who tried to destroy our working lives.  
Where does Littlejohn get his supposed information form? I smell the work of a PR firm working for the blacklisting companies or Special Branch - possibly both.

If Richard Littlejohn thinks he is the voice of the people, he is very much mistaken. He is a paid apologist for the worst excesses of big business. 
Could the wretch be anymore obnoxious?'

Blacklist Support Group

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