Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Greater Manchester Anti Bedroom Tax Conference - Saturday 20 July, Manchester.

1pm - 4pm Sat 20th July
Friends Meeting House, Mount St, M2

We are out to Axe the Bedroom Tax. To win we will need to be united, resolute, and organised. This Rally and Conference is open to all those opposed to the Bedroom Tax.
Local Anti Bedroom Tax groups are invited to send delegations of every tenant and activists in their group. Trades Unions and supporting organisations are invited to send representatives.
This rally and conference is to establish a: Greater Manchester Federation of Anti Bedroom Tax Groups and Supporting Organisations.

Agenda for the Federation Launch
Federation Rally and Conference
1pm - 1.30pm : Registration
1.30pm - 3pm : Rally Against the Bedroom Tax
Speakers from local groups, DPAC, trades unions, other Federations (Liverpool, Leeds, Scotland) Cllrs*, supporting organisations

3pm - 4pm : Conference to establish the Federation
Proposed statement (amendments to be submitted before 15thJuly)
Federation Committee elections (nominations to be submitted by 15th July)
Final remarks
*see Councillors against Bedroom Tax and Benefit Cuts statement
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Flyer for Federation and March to the Court
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Councillors against Bedroom Tax and Benefit Cuts
We are Councillors opposed to the injustice of the Bedroom Tax and other benefit cuts.
It is wrong and unworkable to target the poorest, sick and disabled people. It is unjustifiable that the poorest 21% are being hit with 39% of all the austerity cuts.
Rent and Council Tax arrears are mounting fast, and it is not fair, reasonable or viable to recover these arrears or evict tenants. Central Government should compensate Councils and landlords for the bad debts they have caused.
We oppose anyone losing their home or being forced to move due to the Bedroom Tax or other unjust benefit cuts, and call on landlords not to evict those pushed into arrears due to these measures.  Councils that have pledged not to evict those forced into arrears and calling on local landlords to do the same, and those ‘redesignating’ bedrooms to avoid the Bedroom Tax, are taking practical action to support tenants and expose these unworkable measures.

We support joint action by Councillors along with local and national Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice campaigns, to link up across Britain, expose and actively oppose these benefit cuts, and demand their repeal.

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