Friday, 12 April 2013

Stockholm Protest Against Skanska Blacklisters

BLACKLIST Support Group supported by the GMB union held a protest at the Skanska AGM in Stockholm yesterday, to expose the role of the Swedish construction giant in the Consulting Association blacklist scandal and calling for a public apology, compensation and jobs for blacklisted workers.

Blacklisted workers Roy Bentham (carpenter from Liverpool), Graham Bowker (electrician from Manchester) and Dave Smith (engineer from London) and Justin Bowden (GMB National Officer) held talks with union leaders from Byggnads (building workers) and Elektrikerna (electricians) who represent workers in Skanska.

The BSG / GMB delegation also held a two hour private meeting with senior analysts from Ethix, a company that supplies information on ethical investment to institutional investors such as major corporate pension funds.

Johan Lindholm, General Secretary of Byggnads and senior union leaders from the German construction unions joined the protest. Dietmar Schafers from the German union Ig Bau union and Building and Woodworkers International described the blacklist files as 'identical to those kept by the Stasi'.

The story ran as front page lead articles in the Swedish press and across the radio news broadcasts.

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