Monday, 25 June 2012

'We are the supreme race, not these white bastards', declared Mr Ahmed from Oldham

THE boss of a Rochdale sex grooming gang and one of nine men convicted at Liverpool Crown Court last month of sexual grooming of vulnerable girls in Rochdale between 2008 and 20010, Shabir Ahmed, told Court at his recent trial that 'we are a civilised society, we are the supreme race not these white bastards (pointing to police officers in court)' (see last Saturday's Rochdale Observer).  Mr. Ahmed, a 59-year-old Pakistani born, father of four and former delivery driver at a Heywood takeaway, who had previously not been named can now be named after Judge Mushtaq Khokhar, in the more recent case, lifted the ban on publication of his identity. 

In this latest case Ahmed was found guilty of 30 counts of rape, but the jury was not told of his involvement in the Rochdale child sex grooming scandal until Ahmed went into the witness box and told the jury of a bid to persuade them he was the victim of a racist conspiracy.  Mr. Ahmed, formerly of Winsor Road, Oldham, denied all the charges, insisting the victim had made her story up.  The girl in this case had originally gone to the police and who had decided not to prosecute, but after Mr. Ahmed's arrest in the Rochdale scandal they went back to the victim and she gave 'graphic' details of the abuse which she believes led to a pregnancy that later miscarried.  Mr. Ahmed will be sentenced on August 2nd.

From the dock, Ahmed launched into a passionate volley of accusations saying, apparently to the police:  'You will not get a CBE ... you will get a DM, a destroyer of Muslims.'  He continued:  'You destroyed my community and our children', adding 'White people trained those girls to be so much advanced in sex ... they were coming without hesitation to Rochdale, Oldham, Bradford, Leeds and Nelson and wherever.'    It is hard to view these comments without coming to the conclusion that racial and community relations are in a poor state in the North of England, and yet some local politicians seem to want to deny the obvious.

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