Monday, 25 June 2012

Plastic Mountains Down South?

OLYMPIANS MOVE MOUNTAINS:  To make it look more rural, rumour has it that they are going to make green plastic hills for a mountain biking event!  These games are 99% London-centric.  Reminds me of the millions wasted on the millennium celebrations down there, while up in Eccles, Greater Manchester we did not have a functioning public toilet for 11 weeks.  No one told these organizers that thousands come to watch the Tour de France over its huge distance.  Ignorance also about the great hotels, b.+ bs, eating places and coach companies in Britain's mountain areas.  An argument against having bike races up here is that some of the traffic jams around the mountains last along as ten minutes(Olympic quip).  Do not also tell the organizers that most Londoners are dreading the chaos to come.  Research suggests that the cycle racing will be at Hadleigh Farm where they have covered it with rubble to look 'mountainy'.  I think thats in the area of Hadleigh Wood, on the Hertfordshire border one of Greater London's poshest neighborhoods.  That should keep us Northern oiks away.

martin g.

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