Monday, 30 January 2012

US cops use stun gun on Occupy DC protestor. City of London police label 'Occupy London' protestors as 'Terrorists!

Interesting video from Youtube of an electric stun gun being used by cops in the USA against an innocent demonstrator. How long will it be before they are used on Tent City/Occupy London protestors in London? Earlier this month 16 January, George Monbiot, writing in his column in The Guardian, had this to say:
"Last month city of London police sent a letter to the banks titled 'Terrorism/extremism update for the City of London business community'. It warned of the following 'substantial' terrorist threats?: FARC in Columbia, al-Qaida in Pakistan, and Occupy London. It advised the banks to remain vigilant as 'suspected activists' from the Occupy Movement were engaging in 'hostile reconnaissance' - language that might have been used to report German spies in the second world war. When asked to explain the letter, the police told The Guardian that it had been circulated to 'Key trusted partners'. The banks are trusted partners of our impartial law enforcers; those who seek to hold them to account are terrorists."

The following text is taken from Youtube:
"U.S. Park Police officer used an electronic stun gun on an Occupy DC protester. Police say he was tearing down fliers warning protesters about the ban on camping in McPherson Square. Police also said the unidentified man was charged with disorderly conduct. The arrest took place shortly after noon Sunday. It is reported that after the incident the man had a seizure, and was then refused medical treatment. A park police spokesman said the man became -aggressive and confrontational'' when officers tried to arrest him and that is why the stun gun was used".

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