Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Expert evidence at Employment Tribunal, points to collusion in blacklisting of workers by police and security services. MP demands an investigation!

A Labour MP is calling on the government to launch a full Public Inquiry after shocking revelations emerged today in court about security services and police collusion in illegal covert blacklisting of trade union members in the construction industry.

In the Smith v Carillion blacklisting court case being heard at the Central London Employment Tribunal, Dave Clancy gave evidence under oath.

"There is information on the Consulting Asociation files that I believe could only be supplied by the police or the security services"

Dave Clancy is the Investigations Manager at the Information Commissioners Office and an ex-police officer. He is the man who led the raid on the Consulting Association offices which uncovered the building industry blacklisting conspiracy involving 44 of the biggest building contractors in the UK.

Mr. Clancy also told the court that the Consulting Association compiled blacklist files on elected politicians, journalists, lawyers and academics.

Responding to the evidence John Mc Donnell MP said:
"The Consulting Association scandal is one of the worst cases of organised human rights abuse ever in the UK"

“I am calling upon the Government to launch a public inquiry into the full extent and impact on people’s lives of blacklisting. These revelations are truly shocking and warrant a detailed and open, public investigation."

The ET continues tomorrow and a decsion is expected either late Thursday or early Friday

Note to editors: Mr. Smith is a 46 year old engineer who has been blacklisted because of his trade union activities and for raising concerns about safety on building sites. This is conceded in a signed document presbnted to the court by the Respondents in the case (Carillion, Carillion (JM) Ltd and Schal International Management Ltd)

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