Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Frank Zappa`s ' Trouble Every Day' !

As I watched this weeks riots on TV, I couldn`t help but recall the words of Frank Zappa`s song 'Trouble Every Day':

"Well I`m about to get sick from watching my TV, I`ve been checking out the news until my eyeballs fail to see, I mean to say that every day, is just another mess, and when it`s gona change my friends, is anybodies guess - So I`m watching and I`m waiting hoping for the best, even think I go to praying, everytime I here them say -

There`s no way to delay that trouble coming every day, there`s no way to delay that trouble coming every day -

Wednesday I watched the riots, I seen the cops out on the streets, I watched them throwing rocks and stuff and choking in the heat, I listen to the reports of the whisky passing round, I seen the smoking fire and the market burning down, watched while everybody on the street would take a turn to stomp, and smash, and bash, and crash, and slash, and bust and burn..."

Have a listen to this, the words of this songs seem particularly apt at this moment.

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