Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cameron Saves London & Sacrifices Manchester!

Did London Met. Go Easy on rioters in Bid to Resist Police Cuts?

'Thanks be to God for corruption
For men are Human & Judges are bribe-able,
And with corruption even the Innocent may get off.'

Bertold Brecht.

POLICE from Greater Manchester were last night sent to support the 16,000 police on the streets of London and save the Capital city. But while the cat's away the mice will play, and much more damage was inflicted on Manchester city centre as a consequence. One police spokesman told Radio 4 listeners this morning, that in Manchester we have a lot of cunning 'opportunist' criminals who naturally took advantage of the absentee policemen.

Meanwhile, this morning on Radio 4, London Mayor, Boris Johnson, called on the Government to withdraw its threat of cuts in the police budget. He said the justification for the cuts to the police was always 'frail' but he said that with the riots the case had been 'seriously weakened'. This must raise worries as to why the London police held back and were slow to react in their dealings with the riots last Sunday and Monday: did they deliberately drag their feet in order to gain public support for their case against Government cuts in the police budget?

This morning, John Humphries on Radio 4 asked a spokesman for the London Met as to 'who gave the order', during the Sunday and Monday night riots in the Capital city, for the police to go easy on the rioters? Moreover, is Boris Johnson colluding with the police in a bid to stop the planned Government cuts in the police budget? Given his comments today, is he and the London Metropolitan Police promoting their own vested interests against the stated polices of the lawfully elected coalition Government? I've always suspected that Boris is a thinly disguised anarchist, but it seems that London Met also has its share of anarcho-syndicalists willing to put the nation at risk in order to get their own way.

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