Friday, 18 February 2011

UK Uncut 'Big Society Bail-In' tomorrow

The latest set of nationwide actions by UK Uncut takes place tomorrow, this time (at last) targeting perhaps the most hated institutions in the UK, the banking industry, and in particular, Barclays. UK Uncut say that the plan isn't to close down the Banks, but to 'open them up' and make them more socially useful, calling these actions the 'Big Society Bail-In'. Examples of actions announced include "live stand-up comedy shows, libraries, and a mothers' breakfast club".

This week, Barclays announced profits of £6 billion, of which £3.4 billion is to be used as bonuses; the same figure is half the amount currently being cut from local government. Barclays Chief Executive Bob Diamond took home a bonus of £9 million. This is the same scumbag that said of the Banking Crisis the other week that "the time for apology and remorse is over".

Rather than listing the action in the North as we have done previously, we have embedded a Google map of actions at the top of this post. You can zoom in and out, click on the labels for more info. Alternatively, a list of actions is available on the UK Uncut website here.

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Anonymous said...

What is it about the younger generation nowadays? Some of them seem to relate better to inanimate ojects like iphone`s, than they do to human beings. Yesterday, I stood outside the Vodaphone shop on Market Street, Manchester, which was being picketed by UK Uncut protestors. When I inquired about the protest and sought info, I was completely ignored and blanked by a young Asian lad that I spoke to. As a result, I thought fuck you and walked-off in disgust.This is one protest I wont be joining.