Friday, 25 February 2011

Anarchy in Action - Spain 1936

I remember watching this excellent documentary about the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) many years ago. During the war the anarcho-syndicalists and anarchists,members of the Confederation of National Labour (CNT),collectivised much of the economy in Catalonia and established agricultural collectives under workers control. In Barcelona, the trams, factories, cinemas, department stores, were run by the workers themselves. Even the Ritz hotel in Barcelona, was turned into a canteen for the workers serving cheap meals.

What the Spanish workers sought to do was to create their own society, without church, state or capitalism. As the anarchist Josep Costa says in this video: "We felt that now is the time to destroy all that has been oppressing us." For those that think there is no alternative to capitalism, Labour managerialism, or the socialist/communist authoritarian regimes of the Left, watch this video and be inspired.

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Lukwos said...

To often the word anarchism is confused with chaos, great post very interesting video