Tuesday, 25 December 2018


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Councillor Ashley Dearnley:  ‘Mr. Mayor, I take no pleasure… in Rochdale being reported in the Rotten Boroughs section of “Private Eye”.’

Northern Voices editorial comment:

CARL Faulkner by creating this YOU TUBE video has accomplished a magnificent work of art, which penetrates to the roots of Rochdale's sad political panorama in all its sordid reality.  It may well even be a microcosm that represents a wider crisis in our culture; that a civil administration like Rochdale town council clasps a self-confessed electorial fraudster like Faisal Rana to its breast is itself an assault on common decency.

The motion proposed by the Tory leader, Ashley Dearnley in the video was a strikingly meek and humble presentation urging Faisal Rana merely to 'consider his postion', having admitted his fraud.  But if the Tories are meek, then the failure of the Liberal Democrats, to utter a dicky bird on the night of the vote was pathetic.

The situation in Rochdale has not been helped by the craven nature of the local press of late.  None of the local media is holding our representatives on the council to account.  The Rochdale Observer is a tired shell of its former self that rarely features a letter's page, and ROCHDALE ONLINE has not only abandoned its letter's section but has now shoved its whole letter's archive down the Orwellian Memory Hole forever.

Thus it has now been left to this regional Blog and Carl Faulkner, a local independent investigator and a relentless critic of the Rochdalian polluted political culture, to throw this scandal into relief.




Tony E said...

Yes. He has no shame like too many other councillors and some MPs. All they do is sit it out because they believe the public will forget and if not, they won't do anything about it. So these hard faced people will just sit it out. Unless the councillors themselves decide to push them out,, they'll stay in power.

Mark Birkett said...

Well done to all concerned for highlighting the appalling state of Rochdale's democracy. I have posted this video on Facebook (with a few added comments about Steve Rumbelow, who refuses point blank to allow me to question him about his new second full-time role with the NHS).