Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Inside Spain!

" ALGO NECESARIO" - Something Necessay!
by Carlos Beltran

IT IS necessary to await the triumph of the motion of censor presented by the Partido Socialista (Socialist Party) against Mariano Rajoy (the leader of the Partido Popular [Conservative Party]).  It's complicated to grasp that the Partido Socialista doesn't have any alternative, still less anything to lose.  For the motion to really succeed the important thing is to put all the parties before a mirror.

Or to vote against Rajoy, and his corruption and his anti-social policies:
The result was 180 votes in favour of the motion of censure; 169 votes against and one abstention.  That was ten votes  more than Ranjoy got when he was chosen two years ago - two years of cuts and corruption that it would have been possible to abstain in the election of Ranjoy in 2015.

This amounts to a rejection of Ranjoyand the Partido Popular, rather than support for Pedro Sanchez.  Yet for Sanchezit is an opportunity to dismantle the most aggressive policies of the reactionaries in the Partido Popular, in respect of pensions. civil liberties, labour laws etc. 

On th theme of the Catalans; the most important thing now is to look for the broadest consensus to take forward this issue; yes with their 84 deputies the left have to confront the block of 169 right-wing deputies.

From my point of view and the tenor of the composition of of the Government, it is an agony and it brings in a period of hope and pleasure and at least we have a President who speaks English. A government with a majority of women; a government which as a dialogue with the trade unions and social protection; social justice; and the reduction of tension in Cataluña: this isn’t a panacea but it is better than to abandon the country to a situation of obscurantism and a lack of common decency of those who believe they own the country. Yet don’t forget the Partido Popular have the most seats in the Congress; there is division of the Left, and there is the problem of Cataluña.

But yes, ‘there is a road to travel’ with pot-holes that are difficult to navigate.


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