Thursday, 14 December 2017

Tony Lloyd: His Almost Invisible Surgery

THERE is a protest meeting being held outside Rochdale Town Hall at 09.30 a.m. tomorrow morning (Friday 15th).  That meeting is all about raising awareness of Tony Lloyd's record as an MP so far; including repeated and documented failure to reply to legitimate constituent queries, failing to open an office in the town for some five months since the General Election, and indeed the entire method by which you were imposed upon Rochdale by the London-based Labour National Executive Committee. 

Former Councillor Mark Birkett and Labour Party member, wrote to Tony Lloyd, Labour MP for Rochdale today warning him and saying:
'An online petition has also been held to that effect which I will be presenting to you. Some 126 signatures have been added in just 24 hours; all the counter signatories making clear their wholesale opposition to the appalling way this town's politicians - yourself included - have conducted themselves in office.
'Secondly, to be clear, I will be at your office at 10:40 am re: the letter you were sent by me and forty other Rochdalians on 10th July. I will be seeking the following:
  1. An explanation for your failure to answer any of the fifteen points that were raised. 
  2. A promise that you will answer the letter in full
  3. A promise that you will write to all forty other counter signatories whose details you were sent
  4. A meaningful apology for your failure to respond at any point in the last six months to those fifteen points
  5. A promise that you will never again deliberately ignore Rochdale constituent concerns as you have done in this example
'Thirdly, yes, there will be one other person joining me. This is in order to take clear notes and a record of all that is said. I understand you normally have your secretary Elsie Wraight to hand to record meetings too, so I am sure this cannot be a problem for you.
'Lastly, if you can clarify what you mean by "I am prepared to see you, but I am not prepared to have an advice bureau, that is there to deal with real problems, disrupted." I'll be happy to respond.'

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