Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Former Gay Mayor 'gutted' after his de-selection!

Carl Austin Behan - former Gay Mayor of Manchester

A former Mr Gay UK who was the first openly homosexual man to be elected the Mayor of Greater Manchester, has been blocked from standing in May's council election because of de-selection by Labour Party members.

Carl Austin-Behan, said he was "hurt, upset and gutted" after a packed meeting of Labour's Burnage branch, decided not to back him to stand again. According to Labour sources, Momentum activist, Ben Clay, is likely to be adopted by Labour Party members.

Although Austin-Behan's supporters claim that the gay councillor is the victim of a witch-hunt and a Momentum 'coup' within his Burnage branch, others have said that the decision to de-select him, had more to do with his lack of visibility within the ward.

Following his election as the Mayor of Manchester, Austin-Behan, pledged to use his year in office to highlight prejudice towards the "tran's community" and to work to make HIV testing more readily available in Greater Manchester.

What the Mayor thought about child poverty and homelessness in Greater Manchester wasn't clear, because he was too wrapped up with LGBT issues. This led to accusations that his horizons were severely limited and didn't stretch much further than Canal Street and the 'Gay Village' and that he was politically myopic.

Cllr Austin-Behan said: "The Labour Party I knew and loved was democratic and I genuinely wish the best for the person who will replace me."

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