Thursday, 7 September 2017

SPGB: Funny how word gets around...

Socialist Party of Great Britain [SPGB] Blog:
'Anyway, the latest Private Eye has an aticle regarding the current malaise at Freedom Bookshop, which has ceased publishing its paper for some while now (leaving the Standard as basically last man standing, really, as the People died a good while ago).  Apparently thee's a ghaaaastly Classwar crowd there causing trouble; but the articles of association for Freedom press say if it stops publishing they need to sell up and donate the proceeds to the cause (I hope none of our members will be willing for us to accept anarchist money).
'Anyway, the connection is is that someone late of our parish gets a name check, namely the Reverend Crowe, who gets bad mouthed as a hardline marxist (though at the time I recall he had become a Stirnerite Egoist), and his editorship is slated as the bginning of the slide into the end for Freedom.'

By Young Master Smeet
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