Saturday, 22 February 2014

15 Year Old Girl Arrested At Barton Moss

A 15 year old girl was arrested at Barton Moss the other day and held by Greater Manchester Police for  6 hours.     The police tactics particularly those of the Tactical Aid Unit are excessively forceful and a number of peaceful protestors have been injured.    The remarkable fact is that the protectors are receiving more and more public support from the local community as the police behaviour is reported widely in the social media.  The number of arrests is well over 100 and an independent inquiry into the political policing at Barton Moss is called for.    The Greater Manchester Police must be held accountable for their actions.   The Anti -fracking movement is clearly winning "hearts and minds" of the people and Government bribes will not stop the momentum of a campaign which is defending the environment and health of all the theatened communities                   

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activist said...

Let us hope something is done about this.