Monday, 20 May 2013

George Tapp update and other blacklisting news

GEORGE Tapp is currently still in Manchester Royal Infirmary in the Medical Emergency Trauma Unit, having undergone reconstructive surgery on two broken legs and multiple fractures after being hit by a car that drove through the blacklist protest dragging him 100 yards along the road in Manchester on Wednesday evening. Steve, Kevin and Jason among others have been with George and say he is is good spirits and sends a message that we should carry on our fight til we win.

The Blacklist Support Group wish George a speedy recovery.

some press:

2. Blacklist - Chris Tymkow
a folk song about the blacklist scandal with a youtube video about the campaign - are you in the video?
Please share and post, blog etc.

3. There were a number of blacklist protests this week including Vince Cable at BIS, Manchester, Portsmouth, Hendon, Norwich, Waltham Forest, Hendersons Global Investments in the City, Big Lottery in Birmigham, Standard Life in Edinburgh, Guardian Awards, Homes for Scotland Awards and Heineken Cup Final in Dublin. Some were more successful than others; some were very polite affairs, others involved large scale civil disobedience but collectively they are having an impact.

some press:
Next week

*Tuesday 21st May 9am - London*
Frank Morris v Crossrail Employment Tribunal

Kingsway Employment Tribunal,

*Saturday 25th May 11am - Glasgow *

March and Rally against Blacklisting,
Holland Street,

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